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Randy Newman Headline last week.

The headline read that Randy Newman wrote a racist song and opinionated pundits discussed this latest musical creation as if it were news.  I fail to understand why, if a well known and respected musical artist, especially one who has … Continue reading

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Memorial Day weekend, how have we changed?

Around the time my age hit double digits, I recall marching in the Memorial Day Parade in my hometown.  I was wearing my scout uniform and home movies verify a “shiner” received by missing a fly ball during Little League … Continue reading

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The Loss of a Pet Friend

The morning of July 21, 2012 began a bit later than usual but in many ways was ordinary as I was awakened by my English Budgie about ten minutes before eight.  He suffered from epilepsy and was having a seizure … Continue reading

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Conditioned by media and advertising (websites)

On my first website visit today a giant advertisement slowly opened on the front page of my local newspaper and I had to click to close it.  I then noticed the “like” advertisement had opened so I refreshed the screen … Continue reading

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“The Media” Distracted Driving and the NHTSA

Television, newspapers, online news sources, and state and federal government appear to be giving a lot of lip service to the dangers of distracted driving.  Along with the snippets of information, it seems a lot of time and taxpayer dollars … Continue reading

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Hopkins 24/7

I just watched this television show that airs on the New OWN network and am simply appalled at the blatant disregard for common sense and care of the patients and doctors during the period of internship. I am a regular … Continue reading

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A Friend has moved on.

Today (around this time) a respirator will be turned off and what happens next has nothing to do with modern medicine.  The importance of this event is in going forward and working through the feelings to become a better person. … Continue reading

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Boxes of Memories

Like many people I have boxes of “stuff”.  Most of the things contained really do not matter to anyone, even myself.  However a few boxes contain memories that have strong emotion, whether they be things like jewelry, old letters, awards, … Continue reading

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Racing Photographs


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Virtual Country

We all pretty much understand that current political structures bordered by geography.  People find a place to live and build a social, political, and military infrastructure to preserve a way of life.  We build ourselves a manner of living and … Continue reading

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