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My pet bird received a pre-approved and prepay Mastercard

And so I opened Chew’s mail.  The first words were:  “Your Prepaid MasterCard Card has arrived!” Apparently the Palm Desert National Bank. licensed by Mastercard, has deemed my eight year old epileptic Budgie qualified to use a prepaid Mastercard which … Continue reading

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Media, not Politicians, influence “policy”

I cannot help but notice as Maine’s newest Governor begins his adventure that debate over his initial policies has immediately begun a barrage of criticism.  Maybe the the criticism is deserved, but somehow I would like to see a longer … Continue reading

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More than one “Mom”

Over the decades there have been a couple of fine ladies, in addition to my real Mom, who in some way earned “Mom Status”.  This brief accounting is about my “Newton Mom” who had more than enough to handle with … Continue reading

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The “Next Best” is to be cherished.

After the shopping is done, presents opened, and the day relaxes into the gray of the coming evening I am struck with a simple desire to do the impossible. The phone number still works and the house is still there, … Continue reading

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Goodbye my faithful car

With anticipation I examined the little green wagon stored behind the newer and prettier cars.  It had some damage on the front fender and the door creaked when opened, probably due to a parking lot incident but the inside was … Continue reading

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Christmas Day sometime in the 1960s

Sometimes parents forget what their children view as important and one Christmas evening in Woolwich what had been forgotten was a Christmas stocking.  My cousin Hank had left his stocking behind and we were informed we both would do what … Continue reading

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US Government Seizes Domains

In an article reported on our very own government has decided in its infinite wisdom that “it” has the right and authority to seize domain names in the interest of copyright protection. Rather than simply re-state the particulars, I … Continue reading

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Mom’s Pontiac Bonneville

Throughout the years, almost every car Mom owned had been selected by my Dad or myself.  From the 1968 and 1972 Catalina sedans, the 1976 Buick LeSabre and 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon, and a short lived Pontiac Phoenix.  There was … Continue reading

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Secret treasures

Mom was a packrat.  When she left this world for a better place we found many pieces of her love tucked away in boxes and drawers.  Five years later I finally had the courage to venture into an old desk … Continue reading

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Columbia Avenue, Warwick, RI.

The house was ordinary by any standard, however when it belongs to grandparents it becomes special, especially when my Dad and his brother shared the room upstairs as children. It was the first house I ever saw that had an … Continue reading

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