Randy Newman Headline last week.

The headline read that Randy Newman wrote a racist song and opinionated pundits discussed this latest musical creation as if it were news.  I fail to understand why, if a well known and respected musical artist, especially one who has written such gems as Political Science and Short People, pens a few words that may not fit with our expectations, the result is headlines in our national media.

Last time I checked, Randy Newman is a white male who has been creatively and eloquently satirizing aspects of our lives for decades using his significant musical and lyrical skills to make us laugh while pointing out that we all have imperfections.  This latest musical number that mentions a white president is simply one more logical and fun poke at our political climate and our willingness to be offended at anything that might appear “off color” (pun intended).

I suspect George Carlin may be doing flip flops in his grave at the political correctness of our current crop of media language police.  I hope that someday we may once again learn to appreciate the irreverence and creativity artists and musicians without trying to put them into a negative box for everything they say in their expression of work.

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