In general, technology (be it the invention of the wheel or the integrated circuit), impacts how we live our lives.  Sometimes technology creates other demands (like how the light bulb created the need for our electric grid), and other times it simply changes how we live or a habit, (such as the invention of intentional fire allowed us to cook our food).

One our current social struggles is that currently technology is changing more rapidly than our legal, cultural, and social systems can accommodate.  Sexting, cell phones, computerized engine management systems for our daily transportation, new medical procedures, discoveries that are leading to genetic management, and the ability to wage a war without people all are leading us on a path where our humanity is our best guide.  The paradox is that while we isolate ourselves behind computer screens and virtual communications, our humanity depends on our interaction with those around us.

My question for the day is how can we strengthen and grow our humanity while becoming more isolated?

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  1. Tina Downing says:

    Isn’t the whole idea of social networking and the internet itself a way to not feel isolated? Cell phones, twitter, and now skype (which I think is a stalkers dream come true) is a way to keep in contact with the world. Do you think humanity is becoming too dependent on techonology? What if the world had no power? Where would we be then as a society? We would be forced to reconnect by way of face to face instead of facebook to facebook. You ever see the movie Surrogates with Bruce Willis? That movie really brings to light humans to technology that could possible happen in the future. We now hide behind a screen because we are safe and can be anyone we want to be without judgement. We hide behind a mask yet we are connected to others by way of the internet. Without the internet where would our society be? Can we unlearn life as we know it? I see your view clearly but your question just leads to more questions. As for your question, I would have to say one would have to move to a part of the world that is untouched by technology or become a quaker.

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