Where has America gone?

Two headlines I read today: 

“Orange county barbershops raided by armed county sheriffs for license violations.”

“Airport security fondles women and children during security checks.”

I remember as a cub scout standing on the roof of the Portland Maine airport with my fellow scouts watching the planes land and take off.  We were given little plastic pilot badges and little yellow planes and allowed to take pictures as long as we did not stand too close to the edge of the roof (where there were no railings).  We did not pass through any security and had our pocket knives with us.  It was a good time and we presented no threat to anyone.

I also remember getting my hair cut in a little barber shop back in the days when there was actually a job classification for “elevator operator”.  The barber (named Richard) had an assistant who liked to put on a clown mask and hand out balloons to little kids like me.  Looking back at the whole thing I suspect the barber and his assistant would likely be locked up today based upon what I have read in the news about strange men giving favors to little boys.

What has happened to America?  The country I grew up in no longer exists.  There are home movies of myself and family and friends as little kids marching with WWI helmets and pop guns carrying flags to honor our fathers who fought in WWII.  I received a black eye playing Little League baseball and did not sue anyone for damages.  When my childhood friend and I were “called out” by my Dad after hiding for two days in our garage it was discovered we were “building a bomb” by scraping the black powder off our caps (for our cap guns) and we informed him we were going to blow up the little marsh next to our house so it didn’t smell so bad.  Today we would have court ordered counseling and had a record for life.

If we base our actions on fear, the terrorists win.  If we respond to threats against our country by taking away the freedoms of our people we lose what our founders fought to gain. 

I will probably no longer fly to get to a destination.  I have nothing to hide and could care less who sees what is in my pants, but I’ll drive to LA from Maine before I subject myself to legalized lewdness under the false pretense of national security.  If what is in my pants is truly a threat to our country then I’d be making a fortune in the porn industry instead of writing a blog.

As far as privacy…  I’m one of “those guys” who had no problem streaking the ladies dorm at college or jumping naked into a snow bank on a bet so my privacy isn’t the issue.  What bugs me are the fear based requirements that, like subliminal advertising, slowly dissolve the American spirit.  We still live in the greatest country on earth and I would like us to keep it that way through strength, courage, and common sense solutions instead of fear based sabotage of the principles upon which our country was founded.

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  1. Chris says:

    I have to say that I agree with you completely. I believe that our country is based on liberty and if we are at a place in time that we give up some or all of our liberty for the potential and often misplaced security from so called terrorists then we are not where we need to be. My view is that the chances of my becoming a victim of a terrorist is less than 1/100,000 in my whole lifetime, but my liberty being taking away affects me every day of my life. I’ll risk the terrorists.

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