Goodbye my faithful car

With anticipation I examined the little green wagon stored behind the newer and prettier cars.  It had some damage on the front fender and the door creaked when opened, probably due to a parking lot incident but the inside was clean and the tires looked new.  There were some worn bumper stickers on the back and the seats looked like they needed a cleaning.  The paint on the hood was peeling and when opened there was enough dust and grime to support a carbon dating survey.

However the little Ford wagon started right up and went around the car lot in fine fashion so I went inside and found the sales lady and made my offer.  It was quickly accepted and then I had to wait while the multitudes of paperwork could be completed.

A few seats down from me I noticed a lady who was purchasing a brand new vehicle.  She seemed very excited about her new car and she proudly mentioned her prior vehicle had lasted over a decade.  I congratulated her on her new purchase and then went about my paperwork details so I could hopefully drive my “new to me” car home.

During my last waiting period for the final paperwork I walked down to the back lot to look at my new purchase and admire the shiny new vehicles surrounding it.  Slowly a brand new car came by driven by the nice lady I had spoken with.  Her new car had temporary plates and she drove it gingerly through the maze of vehicles until she stopped at the car I was buying.

She opened her door and got out of her brand new car.  I saw her take a camera out of her purse and she took a few pictures of what appeared to be her trade in.  She opened the driver side door slowly and grazed her hand on the roof.  She took some more pictures and as she was getting ready to leave for the final time I could see her mouth form words and she patted her old car on the hood as if to say goodbye.

I waited until she left.  This nice lady actually said goodbye to her car which had served her faithfully for many years.  I thought that I was the only person to do this type of thing since I am a “car guy”, but apparently the existence of “feelings” for a mechanical vehicle transcend car guy status and extend to many people.

As I drove off a few moments later in my “new to me” car I whispered to the dashboard that it had found a good new home.

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