More than one “Mom”

Over the decades there have been a couple of fine ladies, in addition to my real Mom, who in some way earned “Mom Status”.  This brief accounting is about my “Newton Mom” who had more than enough to handle with her own large and vibrant family but despite all odds was willing to take me under her wing during an emotional and tragic part of my life.

My Dad had been diagnosed with cancer and the odds were clearly stated by his doctor who said that if he survived he would be the first person to beat this particular form of the disease, and thus began almost a year of long trips back and forth between Maine and Boston.

In 1981 my best and closest friend (female) and I had landed at her Mom’s house in Newton, MA.  She was scheduled to depart shortly for a new career and I was to go my separate way with simply an agreement to get back together after we had lived our lives initial journeys.  I was fortunate to have already met my friend’s family a few times and so as I watched my lady leave for parts unknown (for at least 20-25 years I estimated), I was welcomed into her family home by her Mom, and her brothers and sisters.

Her Mom and I quickly became close friends.  I had a car and would take her wherever she wanted to go, run errands, and spend time with her in the evenings.  I then went to Cape Cod and began an adventure there of my own and for awhile we didn’t see much of each other.  Ten months later that would all change.

I went back to Maine in May of 1982 when I learned of my Dad’s renewed cancer and I was the one that drove him to and from Boston every month and sometimes weekly for checkups and treatments.  I was offered a place to lay my head by my Newton Mom, and she took the time to demonstrate to me how much love of life she had, and shared her friends and interests with me.  We got to know each other very well over the next year and my real Mom was extremely grateful for the generosity and support I was given by this wonderful lady in Newton.

My Newton Mom and real Mom never did meet, but I suspect they would have gotten along just fine.  They shared many of the same values and sacrificed their own wants for the wants and needs of their families.  They took the time to be of assistance to others and they also expressed their approval or disapproval as appropriate, and always did so with my best interest in their hearts.

When I read today of my Newton Mom’s birth date, (both Mom’s are now in a better place), I was reminded of how I have to be grateful for and how much I have to live up to in terms of her expectations.  Somehow I suspect she would approve, and so instead of being sad that she is gone, I am inspired by the gift of having known her.

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  1. Kimberly E Smith says:

    Ted, your writing has such grace and fluidity. I am glad for your two Moms and for be able to read about them.

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