Media, not Politicians, influence “policy”

I cannot help but notice as Maine‚Äôs newest Governor begins his adventure that debate over his initial policies has immediately begun a barrage of criticism.  Maybe the the criticism is deserved, but somehow I would like to see a longer than a 24 hour period before staring a media war against his efforts to improve life in Maine.

I did not vote for our elected Governor, but I want to extend him sufficient respect and courtesy so that he can do his best to fulfill his promises to Maine and I wish out newspapers, television and radio stations would do the same.  Working against our new elected leader from the beginning of his term is counter productive and costly to all Maine citizens.

What I do know is that many of our state policies over the past decades have failed to provide the citizens of our state with a regulatory and tax climate conducive to small business, and most business in Maine is small.  I do know that our insurance regulations have resulted in high premiums and less choice for Maine people.  I know we have a high percentage of Maine citizens receiving financial assistance from the state.

If we can bring more jobs to Maine, (the type of jobs that Maine people can perform), we can reduce the costs of unemployment and more workers will share the burden of paying into the state coffers.

If we can increase competition amongst insurance companies operating in Maine we can have more competitive rates and choices for Maine people.  If we can reduce the overall tax burden for corporations operating within Maine we can attract more business to our state and thereby create more jobs.

At one time I had a small business that did a high volume of sales and as such we could offer lower prices than our competition.  Now I have a small business that does far less volume, but is very specialized, and consequently has higher prices.  This evolution sounds much like our state where we have a high cost for living in Maine and small demographic groups receive high benefits and we have less volume of revenue to support these benefits.

State funds should be used for fairly for ALL state residents, not just a few select groups.

I urge our media providers to please give our new Governor an opportunity to succeed if for no other reason than to try a path different than the one which for decades has been leading us down the road to insolvency.

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