A Friend has moved on.

Today (around this time) a respirator will be turned off and what happens next has nothing to do with modern medicine.  The importance of this event is in going forward and working through the feelings to become a better person.

As humans we all struggle with our beliefs, our “mission in life”, our perceived duties and our responsibilities.  Ultimately it is the communication we have with those around us that is our legacy.  Monuments eventually crumble (even the pyramids), and our legacy becomes what we have communicated to others.  Regardless of wealth or personal accomplishment, we all share the same stardust and how we share ourselves with others is (or can be) our greatest gift.

I met a young lady last night who embodies all the hopes and dreams of my Friend.  She is his daughter and through her he will live on, with his teachings and his love guiding her through the years ahead.  Maybe someday she will have children and will provide them the benefit his teachings, his strength, and his wisdom.

It is through this process we provide our greatest gift to humanity.  The details often are less important than the passage of wisdom.  As much as we use technology to document and remember details, photographs and videos of events, cards and letters with exact phrases, it is our memory and our feelings that come alive and truly pass on the spirit and love of those who leave this world.

When I see an older gentleman come alive when speaking of his father I can see the spirit inside.  When I see an older lady perk up and suddenly remember some long lost tidbit of emotion I know that love lives on.

The sadness of losing a friend temporarily overshadows the greatness of that Friend’s gift to us.  Yet as time moves on and we go forward, it is the strength of our memory and the treasures stored within that allow us to honor our Friend and to pass on to others the gift we have been given.

Rest in peace my Friend.

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