Downtime.com was originally the website of Downtime, Inc., in Brunswick Maine.  Following 13 successful years in computer hardware and software sales and service, national and local awards, co-founding Network Plus, and providing services to thousands of individuals, small and medium sized business, Downtime ceased operations and assisted its dedicated workers in finding employment and in some cases starting their own corporations.

This re-launch of Downtime.com is focused on examing our humanity and the effect technology has upon it.  Thank you for reading and (hopefully) participating in this undertaking.

Chew is an eight year old epileptic English Budgie pictured on the main page during his fall visit to Cape Cod.  Although pen names went out of style years ago and are of little value in today’s world of google searches and technology, I find them curious tidbits of a past where an author could actually pretend to be someone else, even if it was only during that “momentary stay against confusion” (thank you Robert Frost).  Perhaps the modern day pen name is simply a login name or “screen name” and we simply forget that using a different name for a particular activity is no stranger that a nickname like Don “The Snake” Prudhomme or Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen.

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  1. Chew says:

    Any town office can issue a license since you are both out of state residents. Just have several forms of ID. If this is a second marriage for either of you a certified copy of a death certificate or divorce decree will be required.

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